Showdown tonight for a Tiny Township family on Canada’s Family Feud

'Name something that starts with 'C' that you would find in your fridge and my dad said Cialis!'

For a lot of extended families, getting together during the pandemic has meant a phone call or a conversation on Facetime, Zoom or Skype, but the Othman family opted to get together to try out for Family Feud Canada on CBC.

“It was one of the things that we were really excited about because my dad (Abdel) had immigrated 45 years ago from Egypt to Canada, and one of the first TV shows that he absolutely loved was Family Feud,” said team leader Samah Othman.

They strategized at a small family gathering, deciding who would be on the panel. Othman says there was no ‘family feud’ involved with that, “We decided that my dad needs to be on the team because he’s just hilarious and he brings a lot of excitement and energy to the team. And then my brother-in-law, Ahmed Al-Farram agreed to join us, my sister, Hoda and my daughter, Yasmeen, just so we have somebody from each generation in as part of our team.

* But they – the rest of the family – were all happy when you said that you were going to share…how much did you win? “You’ll have to tune in and watch to find out.”

As happy as she was to have her dad on the team, Othman thought for sure he’d blown it for them with his answers to two questions during their audition, “One of them was ‘name something that starts with C that you would find in your fridge’ and my dad said Cialis! And then another question that was posed to my father was ‘name something that you would bring on your first date?’ And he said, pillow! So, we’re like, ‘Wow, you sound like quite the Casanova’, so, I’m not quite sure if they’re going to pick us or not.”

But they did. The episode airs on CBC tonight (October 15) at 7:30.


Asked if it was as much fun being on the show as it is watching it, Abdel said, “It’s more excitement when you do it. When you watch, you’re just watching people and maybe you think you’re smarter than them. But when you are in the same spot, you have three-seconds to answer and actually, your mind is going everywhere. And sometimes you can’t.”

“The fact that we were the first Egyptian family to be on Family Feud Canada was another great first that we were happy to celebrate.”

– Samah Othman

The Othmans say the entire CBC team was incredible from start to finish. Added measures were put in place due to COVID – physical distancing to sanitizing the entire studio. Host Gerry Dee “was really awesome and so welcoming…everybody made us feel safe.”

* So, you’ll be ready to jump in when they do a best of and they bring the champions back? “Stop. Again, you have to watch to find out, ha, ha!”

If you’ve been thinking of trying out for the show, Abdel says do it, you won’t regret it, “For all the people that want to go, just don’t look at it to win or lose. Just do it. It’s a good idea. Good experience, laugh, get together.”

* Despite much prodding, the Othmans would not reveal the outcome of tonight’s show (not that we would have told you anyway, but we had to ask!)