Simcoe County’s new trash bins and garbage collection schedule – what you need to know

In addition to a change in the collection system, many households will have a new collection day and time.

from the County of Simcoe

On November 1, waste collection services in Simcoe County change to a new, easy and safe automated cart collection system. In addition to a change in the collection system, many households will have a new collection day and time.

Cart Set-out Instructions
The County has a number of resources available to support residents with the change, including FAQs and helpful videos posted on Please see the set-out requirements below:

  • Have your carts at the road/curb by 7 a.m. on your new collection day. Collection times may continue to change for a period while new routes are optimized
  • Place carts on a level surface within 8 feet of the travelled portion of the road, avoiding low hanging branches
  • Remember the Rule of 2: Set out carts 2 feet apart, with 2 feet between your cart and any other objects
  • Point the arrows on the carts towards the street and handles towards your house
  • Do not overstuff carts – Fill loosely and ensure lid is fully closed
  • Do not use bungee cords or other items to keep the cart lids closed
  • Organics should be bagged, garbage can be loose or bagged and recycling materials (excluding shredded paper) should be loose in the cart

New Collection Days
The change to automated cart collection will mean that many households will have a new collection day and time when they roll their two carts to the curb the week of November 1. The frequency of collection does not change, with weekly organic collection and alternating weeks for garbage and recycling continuing (the week of November 1 will be organics and recycling collection). Residents can confirm their new collection day by visiting, on their waste calendar or on the Simcoe County Collects app.

Cart Delivery Update
Approximately 450,000 carts have been distributed in the run-up to November 1. With such a large geographical area, some homes may still be waiting for cart delivery after November 1. In the interim, if your household has not received carts, please place your materials at the curb using your blue boxes and containers as you’ve done for years. Our new contractor will conduct manual collection for select homes for a limited time. If your household or business has not yet received your carts, please contact our Service Simcoe Contact Centre at 1-800-263-3199 or

Cart Exchange program coming early 2022
The County will be accepting cart exchange requests in mid-January 2022, with deliveries anticipated to begin by the end of February 2022. The program will provide residents with an opportunity to exchange their recycling and garbage carts for smaller options (with the smallest being the same size as the existing organics cart). Cart exchange and delivery will be free of charge until July 2022. Full details about exchanges will be communicated in January, and we ask residents to hold all exchange requests or questions until the system is in place and more information is communicated early next year. As we wait for the exchange program to begin, please use this time to experience the new carts and confirm your household’s waste needs before deciding whether to switch sizes.

Old Containers
We encourage you to keep your old blue bins, green bins and garbage containers for other uses. Alternatively, they can be dropped off free of charge at a County Waste Management Facility to be recycled for a limited time. 

For full details about the automated cart collection program, visit or download the Simcoe County Collects app.

This program does not apply to the cities of Barrie and Orillia.