Simcoe County students entered in this week’s Canada-wide virtual Science Fair

375 student-finalists to showcase their award-winning projects

Wishing two Simcoe County students well at this year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair which begins today.

Two SCDSB students headed to virtual Canada-Wide Science Fair

Emily Goodson from Banting Memorial High School and Jeremy Chan from W.H. Day Elementary School were chosen last month to represent
Simcoe County.

How did they get there?

A Novel Approach to ‘Green’ Energy: The Investigation of DC Voltage in Tomato Plants – Emily Goodson
Climate change is a global threat, and as nations improve the efficiency of finite energy resources, it is time to look to the future of green energy, abandoning finite resources altogether. Over seven phases of experimentation, this project explores the flow of DC Voltage within vascular plants, focusing on the identification of the source of voltage. Phase One examines the growth of the plants in each variable manipulation. Phase Two measures the DC Voltage in each plant over time. Phase Three explores whether grafting probes into the plants improves voltage output. Phase Four observes how placing the plants in circuits affects the voltage. Phase Five attempts to power small loads with the plants’ DC Voltage. Phase Six attempts to convert the DC to AC Voltage. Phase Seven compares the voltage of flowering and non-flowering plants. The applications of electrical production by plants are myriad, providing an opportunity for the development of green energy technology.

The Mask-Meter – Jeremy Chan
Are you tired of seeing people on the street wearing their mask under their NOSE or even under their CHIN like a decoration?? Hello! My name is Jeremy and I’m here to solve this catastrophe using “The-Mask-Meter”. “The-Mask-Meter” is a program that helps remind people to wear their masks properly. This program will help schools remind our students to wear masks properly in a fun way that can be used for any grade. It will also be a very good tool which can help teachers regulate safety protocols and act as a reminder at a public space in the future. My program will help any community, hopefully side-by-side with the thermometer devices to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Student-finalists – 375 of them – will be showcasing their award-winning projects, virtually, over the next three days.

Opening remarks – Facebook Live at 11 a.m.

banner image via Emily Goodson – Youth Science Canada