Simcoe County using $28,000 donation to supply more PPE for area homeless shelters

Money coming by way of the Canadian Medical Association Foundation

The County of Simcoe is on the receiving end of a donation that means more protection for the region’s vulnerable population.

The County has received a donation of $28,000 from the Canadian Medical Association Foundation. The money will be used to purchase personal protective equipment supplies for area shelters. It will also be used to support homelessness prevention.

Simcoe County’s Warden says this money comes at a good time. “As a result of the coronavirus, we are facing rising service costs across the board,” said Warden George Cornell. “We recognize the growing needs of our communities, particularly among vulnerable populations, as a result of the pandemic.”

The County of Simcoe currently provides funding to support several homelessness prevention programs and services, as well as eight homeless shelters.