Simcoe County’s First Pot Shop Opens In Collingwood

12-15 people have been hired

When you ask Louis Laskovski why he is opening a retail cannabis store, the Richmond Hill lawyer says why not, it’s a new frontier.

Laskovski hopes to blaze a new trail today as Sessions Cannabis opens the first pot shop in Simcoe County, at 312 Hurontairo Street in Collingwood.

Laskovski partnered with Sessions Cannabis as his retailer after winning the local licence in the last government lottery.

While obviously giving consideration to his product, he also wanted to be respectful to the location he is in.

312 Hurontairo Street is a heritage home.

“We wanted to stay true to that character,” says Laskovski. “It’s a true home feel. We were conscious of where we were opening up in terms of how we wanted the store to look.”

Simcoe County’s first retail cannabis store opens in Collingwood today

Laskovski visited other stores in the Ontario market to see what they have done. He says a lot of stores have a very modern look. Step inside, and Laskovski hopes the feel will be indicative of what Collingwood is, “a great four season community and where a lot of people choose to settle.”

There is more to a retail cannabis store than bongs, pipes and brands of weed. Laskovski says he has hired between 12 and 15 people who know what they are talking about when it comes to questions about marijuana. He says education is a key component of legalization.

” Even people who are current users may not be fully educated, and there is a new untapped market who have become consumers and would like to be educated on the product.”

While not everyone Laskovski has spoken to in town is jumping for joy about a pot shop in Collingwood, no is howling with rage either.

“Cannabis is a new industry,” he says. “There is still a bit of stigma attached to the legalization.”

Laskovski says there’s been no objection to the store coming in. He thinks most people see it as an economic driver and brings a lot of people to the area. So in that sense, Laskovski says it’s been positive.