Sing Your Heart Out At Caswell Community Choirs

For Ages 13 And Up

Caswell Community Choirs offer three different choirs for different age ranges so no matter your age, you can practice your harmonies.

Posted by Caswell Community Choirs on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The first group is the Choir Lions which is for ages 8-12 and takes place at Homestead Bakery with a focus on high energy and positive vibes singing top 40 hits with simple harmonies. The second group is the Coffee House Choir for ages 13-18 and also takes place at the Homestead Bakery. This choir opens up the genre spectrum with rock, indie, hip-hop, and more. Finally, the Northern Pipes Choir meets at Donelieghs and is for anyone 19 and older. No strings attached, just meet, eat, drink, and sing.

Feel free to drop into a session to see if it’s for you. Check out all the details here.