SIU Clears Barrie Police Of Responsibility After Man’s Arm Broken During Summertime Arrest

Man was the aggressor, claims SIU Director

The Special Investigations Unit has cleared the Barrie Police of wrongdoing after a man’s arm was broken during an arrest in front of the downtown library.

Around 4:00 on the morning of August 18th, a resident living near the library called the police to complain a group of people were sleeping outside the building, while two of them were said to be causing a disturbance.

Police say one of the two agreed to leave quietly, but the other put up a fight. During the course of the interaction with police, the 61-year-old man’s arm was broken; police say the man challenged the officer to a fight several times before being pushed into one of the pillars supporting the library overhang. A brief struggle ensued, causing the injury to the man.

“I am unable to reasonably conclude on the evidence that the officer exceeded the limits prescribed by the criminal law.” said the SIU’s Interim Director, Joseph Martino, “The Complainant was the aggressor throughout his interaction,”