SIU Clears Collingwood Police After Injuries Suffered in Lock Up

Wounded Man Wouldn't Release Medical Records to SIU

Ontario’s police watchdog has cleared Collingwood OPP of any wrongdoing after a man was hurt in custody.

A man was arrested June 3rd over accusations he was driving drunk. He was taken to the Collingwood OPP detachment and given a cell. The SIU says the man then rammed his upper body into the bars of the cell, causing injuries that required a trip to the hospital.

The SIU investigation into these injuries was terminated, according to Interim Director Joseph Martino, when the man refused to allow investigators a closer look at his medical records. “As the man has declined to authorize the release of his medical records, the SIU is unable to confirm the nature and extent of any injuries he may have suffered. In the result, I am satisfied that there is an insufficient basis to proceed with an investigation and the file is hereby closed.”