Kevin Bacon reveals how he feels about “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game

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Everyone in Hollywood can be linked to Kevin Bacon in just six steps.

At least that’s the premise of a long-running game called” The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” and Bacon says the idea is “beautiful.”

In an interview with, the 65-year-old actor says he’s proud to be linked to the game, but thinks it’s better when he’s left out of it.

“If you take me out of it, the concept is actually beautiful, because it shows that we are all connected, and not only are we connected, but we hunger for connections.”


He went on to say “I think we would be better to each other and feel less of a sense of division if we just remembered that we all climbed out of the same swamp, essentially.” We just have to make it about people, and not just about Kevin Bacon.”

There is the standard game that’s “Six Degrees of Separation,” but something about throwing a Bacon twist in there makes it trickier. Plus, it just sounds cool.

Watch Kevin Bacon play “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” with Kevin Bacon below.

feature image from Mr Porter Youtube