Small And Medium-sized Hospitals Receive Provincial Funding Boost

Government says funding formula has disadvantaged smaller hospitals.

The Ontario government has deposited an additional $68 million into the bank accounts of 89 small and medium-sized hospitals. The extra cash is to help these hospitals address deficits and other funding challenges.

“Over many years, the province’s hospital funding methodology has significantly disadvantaged medium-sized hospitals and this has affected their stability in recent times, ” said Anthony Dale, President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association. “Today’s announcement demonstrates significant progress towards addressing this inequality.”

Health Minister Christine Elliot acknowledged the province’s existing funding formula has disadvantaged smaller facilities.

“We have listened to patients, frontline staff and key stakeholders to determine how we can fix historical inequities to provide financial stability and relief to hospitals, regardless of their size.” said Elliot.

The government announced in its spring budget that it would spend an additional $384 million this year on hospital budgets.