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Sneakerheads unite for Sneaker Con this weekend in Toronto

Love of sneakers has risen since the start of the pandemic

Sneakerheads around Ontario converge in Toronto this weekend for Sneaker Con, a convention about everything stylish, flashy, unique, and comfortable.

The event, hosted by eBay Canada, is set to draw crowds who are enthusiastic about their kicks.

Shireen Edross is the Head of sneakers for eBay Canada and says since the pandemic began, the demand for comfy footwear has increased.

“We saw many nostalgic categories thriving during that time, and sneakers fall right in here. These are people’s passions and loves, and there are a lot of stories that resonate with sneakers,” Edross says.

Shoe brands recognize this trend, and they’ve delivered the goods by bringing back the styles we love and remember.

“Brands are doing a great job of returning them and retro-ing the styles from the 90s into today’s market while adding their own flair and a little updating, ” she says.

sneaker supplied by ebay canada
image supplied by eBay Canada

One example is the rising popularity of Air Jordans.

“They’re starting to bring back many of their originals. There’s a “Jordan 1” coming out called “Lost & Found,” which is an ode to the 85, along with a “Jordan 2″ that’s an ode to the original. So you see them all coming back again.”

Comfort brands are also jumping on the retro bandwagon. If you’ve noticed “New Balance” sneakers are getting more flashy, your right.

The “New Balance” brand has always been quite popular and has taken on a life of its own Edross says.

image supplied by eBay Canada

Traditional comfort brands like them have begun collaborations with designers to get even more hype.

Although it’s not just new shoes that sneakerheads gravitate towards.

Edross’s department specializes in previously loved and pre-owned styles, including collectible collections.

“There’s so much value in pre-loved footwear because there’s such a limited number of sneakers when they are released, sometimes you can only find them in a pre-owned state, she explains.

They’re still in great shape, and many times you can barely tell they’ve been worn.

“There are benefits of buying pre-owned inventory, including saving money, helping the environment, sustainability, and circular economy,” Edross says.

The resurgence of eBay’s Certificate of Authenticity program has helped sneakerheads ensure they’re getting the best products available.

The program has created a new avenue for collectors to get hard-to-find, vetted, verified, and authentic styles.

image supplied by eBay Canada

Finally, for anyone who tells a sneakerhead they have enough shoes, Edross says, “there’s no such thing.”

“There are 365 days a year, and if I had the space for it, I could probably have a pair for every day, she jokes.

“It is an accessory for me and part of who I am. So it’s a reflection of me and my character.”

This year’s Sneaker Con takes place September 17-18 aT the Enercare Centre. More information can be found here

feature image supplied by eBay Canada