Snoop Dogg says he’s “giving up smoke,” hinting he stopped smoking weed

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Hold onto your blunts; Snoop Dogg says he is giving up smoking weed.

The 52-year-old rapper announced on social media that he is giving up his long-standing habit, which has become part of his persona.

“After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.” he posted.

He added, “I’m giving up smoke,” in the caption.

A few hours after his original post, he posted another with a picture and a simple caption saying, “Please respect my privacy.”

The announcement is surprising, considering he recently teamed up with his pal Martha Stewart to launch “Best Buds Bags,” a cross-body bag that holds all your weed and weed-toking accessories.

However, one doesn’t have to smoke regularly to know what is useful.


Most people support his choice and offer support; some think the whole thing is a joke. One person pointed out he has a dog named smoke.

Meanwhile several are worried about what will happen to his personal blunt roller.

Either way, we love you Snoop!


Feature image from Associated Press by Chris Pizzello, File