Someone Got a Lead Foot In Their Stocking

Two Stunt Driving Charges Laid On Same Highway Over The Holidays

A pair of high mile charges laid around Adjala-Tosorontio over the Holidays, on the same highway no less.

First up, an officer was out and about with the radar gun along Highway 50, just after lunchtime on Christmas Eve, when a vehicle approached at a high rate of speed. Police clocked the vehicle at 159km/h, nearly double the posted 80 limit. The 19-year-old local lad lost his licence and faces a Stunt Driving charge.

Another Stunt Driving charge was laid New Year’s Day. This time, police say the vehicle was clocked at 145 in an 80 zone. The 25-year-old New Tecumseth man will also be in Barrie court to see about getting his licence back.