Soon, it will be slightly less annoying to use your phone in bed

If you own an android phone, anyway.

If you own any sort of smartphone you have no doubt run into this problem: You’ve just finished brushing your teeth and have crawled into bed for a good night’s sleep, but not before a few minutes (usually turning into hours) of scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit on your phone. You lie down, pop on your screen…and it auto-rotates to landscape mode.

Well, if you can’t be bothered to go through the hassle of pulling down the settings menu and turning off auto-rotate, the upcoming Android 12 update has an interesting new feature that makes it so the auto-rotate is dependent on the angle of the user’s face, not their phone. So, even if you are lying down (or at any other sort of weird angle you might find yourself in) the screen will stay in the proper orientation.

The new update, called “Snow Cone”, doesn’t have an exact release date yet but it is supposedly just around the corner and will bring a myriad of new features and tweaks such as picture-in-picture improvements, one-handed mode, and of course, smart auto-rotate.

Featured image courtesy of SCL Health via