South Barrie Arena Could Have a New Name

How Does the CampMart Centre Sound To You? CMC Instead of the BMC?

The arena in south-end Barrie could be called the CampMart Centre, if City Council gives the nod to a 10-year, $1,650,000 deal.

The naming rights of the arena came up for grabs in September of 2017, after MolsonCoors declined an offer to continue sponsoring the building once called the Barrie Molson Centre. The potential new name will officially be proposed at a Monday meeting of city council, after CampMart offered $165,000 a year for a decade’s worth of naming rights. The deal stipulates the first six months of payments be made as soon as the deal is sealed. That money would go towards new signage and other immediate needs in the renaming process.

This would be the second suggested name in front of Barrie councillors, after rejecting a 25-year, $2,000,000 deal in June of 2018. Paul Sadlon Motors was on board to pay $100,000 over the course of two decades or so, but the proposal was voted down by Barrie council.

CampMart is a company specializing in the sale of RVs, with a presence in south Barrie on Commerce Park Drive, among seven locations in Ontario.