South Simcoe Police Budget About 800 Grand More Than Last Year

Budget Still Requires Approval

Innisfil council got a first glimpse at this year’s South Simcoe Police budget, and while they’ve trimmed some areas, others are growing.

Says here the budget of just over $19 million is about $845,000 more than the one last year. The biggest item on the receipt is in increase to the uniform patrol bureau, at $227,000. Information Technology following that at just over $100,000 more next year.

That said, the budget also notes a $127,000 decrease in Administration costs, along with savings in the Police Board, Information Services, and Court Bureau arms of the Service.

In justifying the increase, last night’s presentation cited factors like changes and growth within the community, increased demand on the service, and technology requirements.

Innisfil foots just over half the bill for the South Simcoe Police budget, Bradford ponies up the other half, and both have to give the budget a greenlight after some potential trimming.