Speed enforcement cameras scheduled to launch week of Nov. 27 in Barrie

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras are scheduled to go live and begin issuing tickets the week of Nov. 27, according to the City of Barrie website.

“Two cameras were installed during the week of November 13, and are currently in testing mode,” according to the website.

During this period, the City says the cameras are not actively enforcing the speed limit.

When active, the cameras will be located in certain community safety zones near schools.

There are 27 community safety zones in total that have been identified in Barrie as problem areas where the cameras could be installed. This is based on data collected showing areas where drivers are regularly going over the posted limit.

According to the City, a community safety zone is an area designated through the Community Safety Zones By-law passed by council to identify it as a road segment of higher risk or concern. Certain Highway Traffic Act fines (including speeding) are doubled in community safety zones and many community safety zones are located close to schools.

Two cameras will be installed and rotated to different community safety zones every few months.

In 2017, Ontario authorized the use of (ASE) in municipalities to address ongoing issues with speeding in school zones and community safety zones. At the June 20, 2022, Council meeting, Barrie City Council approved a motion to implement an Automated Speed Enforcement Program in school zones and community safety zones.

Under an agreement with the City, LAS will intially fund two Provincial Offences officers at the City of Barrie who will process speed-camera violations on behalf of municipalities participating in the ASE program. Provincial law requires highway traffic violations, such as speeding, to be issued by the police or by a designated Provincial Offences officer employed by a municipality.

This will be the first ASE program outside of the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area.

In 2022, Barrie police say they issued just over 5,600 speeding tickets.

To learn more about the Automated Speed Enforcement Program, visit barrie.ca/traffic.

Banner image: City of Barrie