Springwater Council signs off on 2019 budget

1.93% increase over last year

Taxes in Springwater will rise an average $67 this year.

Township Council has approved this year’s budget, which is 1.93 percent ihigher than last year.

“Council and staff worked hard to find efficiencies to keep the tax increase to a minimum and maintain necessary services. Included in the tax increase is 1% to support the renewal and rehabilitation of capital infrastructure, as we have done over the past 5 years.”  

– Mayor Don Allen

The budget includes expenditures of $40.7 million, which can be broken down into $20 million in operating expenses, $16.6 million in capital expenditures, $2.7 million for water operations and $1.4 million for wastewater operations.

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In 2019, Springwater residents will see road, traffic and other infrastructure improvements. This is in addition to the services residents expect, including fire and emergency services, winter road maintenance, libraries, recreation programs and by-law enforcement.