Stay active at home with The City of Barrie’s Virtual Recreation Classes & Programs

Avoid the cold!

A few months ago it might have been a bit easier to head outside and stay active but will all the snow on the ground and cold weather in the air, the last thing most people want to do is head outside to exercise. Luckily, The City of Barrie is offering virtual recreation and fitness programs via Zoom.

There are a ton of programs and classes to choose from including cardio & core, yoga, Zumba, and more. If you are already a recPASS member, joining any of these classes is completely free! If not, you only have to pay a small drop-in fee which is less than $10. Also, don’t worry, just because they are taking place over zoom doesn’t mean you need a microphone or webcam. As long as you have created a Zoom account (and a account) you can join!

For more details and to see all the classes The City of Barrie is offering, click here.

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