Stay-At-Home order means less selection at big box and some grocery stores

Non-essential items off limits

It didn’t take long for some of the bigger stores to start sectioning off areas with non-essential items after yesterday’s Stay-At-Home announcement.

Photos were posted to social media yesterday afternoon of a shrink-wrapped section at a grocery store in Barrie, separating essential items from household goods like dinnerware, small appliances and clothing.

Loblaws Barrie via Mary-Anne Felice-Frith/Facebook

Costco and Walmart have taken similar measures.

Queen’s Park, for the first time during the pandemic, has ordered them to section things off. It has been a huge bone of contention with smaller retailers who have not been able, in previous lockdowns, to sell the same items except through curbside pick-up.

Ford Government to impose month-long stay-at-home order as of Thursday morning

Simcoe Muskoka Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Charles Gardner, is happy with this Stay-At-Home order. You’ll recall he was leery of opening up after the last one as quickly as we did.

Still, he says it will be up to individuals to make sure they abide by the order, to lessen the transmission of the virus, “For the most part, it’s household, family, friends, networks that have social networks that are transmitting and then to a lesser degree, but also important in work environments, and the interplay between the two where a person may have gotten into this social network and then transmitted in the work environment.”

Gardner notes some other long term care facilities have been identified as outbreaks, but they’ve been extremely limited in their size, usually a single staff person.

banner image – Costco Barrie – Barrie 360