Summer-like weather expected to last through September

"I don't think we should write the final chapter on summer"

It’s the last long weekend of the summer, but David Phillips, Chief Climatologist for Environment Canada, doesn’t think we have to write the final chapter on summer-like weather, despite the cooler weather today.

While the temperature change between August and September can be as much as four degrees, Phillips says it’s not a cause for concern, “I think we might see, we didn’t last September, but we might see a day or two where the temperature does get above 30. I don’t think because the calendar is changing into September that the weather will change very much.”

And because the summer was so ideal, says Phillips, the fall colour season should be spectacular, “Certainly the trees have not been stressed this particular summer, and so they’re going to come through with, I think, some pretty nice colours.”

Looking back at the summer – June, July and August – Phillips rates it a 9 out of 10.

“If you could bottle it and sell it every year, I think you’d have had a lot of people buying. Every month from May, June, July, and August had either normal temperatures or above normal. We ended up with 11 days where the temperature got above 30. There normally would be six of those.”

The forecast for the coming week calls for temperatures in the mid-20s.

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