Take a break from the kitchen with these 7 restaurants in Barrie

Italian, Korean, Mexican, and traditional bar food.

Barrie has no shortage of amazing culinary experiences and seeing as it’s Friday, we think you could use a break from the kitchen. Put your feet up, whip open your go-to delivery service (or make your partner go get it), and order some food.

Limoncello Bistro

From Studying Italian Cuisine and being a head chef in Italy to opening his dream restaurant in Downtown Barrie, Limoncello’s executive chef and owner Francesco Petrusa knows his way around a kitchen. Authentically Italian and always delicious, it might just become your new favourite spot.

Limoncello Bistro

They’re serving up classics like Osso Buco, fresh gnocchi and chicken marsala 🍝 you’ve gotta try it!

Posted by Barrie 360 on Friday, January 24, 2020


Why use a fork when you can order food that comes on its own utensil? Skewers is a new spot in Downtown Barrie that offers Korean style shish kabobs (and plenty of other options like sandwiches and salads) smothered in a variety of thick and sticky sauces.

B.B. Fridays

This bar and grill on Hurst Drive boasts some truly delicious homestyle cooking. Amazing sandwiches like meatball subs, fantastic starters like spicy jalapeno poppers, or a messy plate of wings and ribs.

Stuffed Peppers … amazing european style stuffed pepper….you’ll come back for more!

Posted by B.B Friday’s – Tap and Grill on Friday, January 31, 2020

Mexican Bowl

To be a successful food truck, your menu has to be on point. To go from a food truck to a full-fledged restaurant is even more impressive! The folks at Mexican Bowl have been making delicious Mexican food for over 25 years and they can’t wait for people to try their tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and more.

Posted by Mexican Bowl on Sunday, January 19, 2020


You may have seen this pizza joint in Downtown Barrie and with over 30 ingredients to choose from and a new faster way to make pizza, say goodbye to cut and paste pizzas and long wait times. P_ZZA is leading the charge in a pie revolution!

Beach Club

What use to be exclusive to residents at Friday Harbour is now open to the public and a good thing too, because it’s a shame to miss such amazing food and atmosphere. The only thing to rival the food is the view! One out of two isn’t so bad though.

Jimmy Chews

Another pizza place in Barrie, Jimmy Chews uses amazing dough that is cold-raised for three days with the best toppings, crisp crust, and a perfectly cooked centre. Because they cold-raise their dough for three days, they only serve 100 pies each day so make sure you order ahead and don’t miss out, it’s worth it!