Taylor Swift themed break up bar called “Bad Blood” opens for Valentine’s Day in Chicago

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This should be around all year!

A Taylor Swift-themed breakup bar is setting up shop in Chicago.

“Bad Blood,” named after one of her many hit songs, is a pop-up bar that features delicious cocktails, tarot card reading and a spinning wheel of cocktails to make you forget about your ex-lovers.

According to the website bucketlisters.com, the company organizing the event explains why this place is perfect, especially for ‘swifties.’


“Whether you want to sing about your lover, those who were never yours, those you’re never getting back together with, or those who still have your scarf, this is the perfect place for you.”

The cost of admission is $20 and includes a welcome beverage.

Sorry, Taylor won’t be there, but you can have a drink in her honour.

Cheers to all your past lovers!

feature image from badblood via youtube