Teen Survives 49 Days Adrift At Sea

Found in good condition

A tale of survival off Japan where a teenager has been rescued from a makeshift fishing vessel after 49 days at sea.

It came loose from its mooring in mid-July, a stiff wind blowing him two-thousand kilometres into the sea.

Ten ships passed him before one finally stopped and plucked him to safety.

Aldi Novel Adilang says he survived by using wood slats from the boat to build fire, eating fish, drinking seawater filtered through his shirt and reading the bible.

He was working as a lamp-keeper on the tiny wooden structure 125 kilometres from the shore when he was swept out to sea. His job was to stay alone for months at a time and kindle lamps to attract local fish. Supplies were taken to him weekly so he did not have enough to last for the 49 days he was adrift.

photo credits: Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka/Facebook