Tesla’s new million-mile battery will do a lot more than just last longer

Hopefully, we'll soon see more electric vehicles on the road

As early as this year or early 2021, Tesla is planning to launch a new million-mile battery that will not only shake up the automotive industry but the entire green energy sector.

With most car companies offering around 160,000 Kilometre warranties on electric vehicles and Tesla estimating that most electric cars last a little over 250,000 Kilometres on the road, a battery that lasts for a million miles would do a great deal to open up the resale and secondary markets for electric cars.

What makes the million-mile battery even more impressive is that even with its long-lasting nature, it is also lowering costs, further tightening the gap between electric vehicles and traditional gas-powered ones.

Along with the obvious benefits, the technology will also help worldwide renewable energy generation and lower greenhouse emissions due to a lower carbon footprint being made in production and the potential for capturing and reusing the energy in recycled batteries.

Featured image courtesy of Tesla via tesla.com