The Barrie Film Festival wants youth to unleash their creativity

Tell your own story!

The impact of isolation on youth is well-known and one of the ways to battle those feelings of anxiousness is through the power of filmmaking.

Whether it’s telling a short story, creating a video diary, putting poetry to moving pictures, or experimenting with stop-motion animation, filmmaking can be a way for young people to connect with others and offer a portal into their deeper self. The Barrie Film Festival has put together a list of resources to help them tap into their creativity, including shorts and how-to videos with local directors, writers, producers, and actors.

The Barrie Film Festival is also hosting a Short Film Competition so young filmmakers can start putting their skills to use right away! The competition has three categories including High School, Simcoe County Division, and Open and there will be first, second, and third-place prizes in all three categories! The deadline for entry is August 17 and the High School and Simcoe County Division categories have no entry fees!

Head over to the Barrie Film Festival’s website and start unleashing your creativity!