The Barrie Landfill Never Looked So Gourd-Geous

Giant Pumpkin Weighed For Competition

A 293.5 pound pumpkin was unveiled at the Barrie Landfill as part of a growing competition put on by the Compost Council of Canada.

Since April, Lee Roberts, an environmental officer with the City of Barrie has been growing a pumpkin using compost used from the Barrie landfill. Today pumpkin got weighed at a whopping 293.5 pounds.

Robert says the process is a ton of fun with it being a friendly competition, and a chance to show a great use for local compost.

The current record for the biggest pumpkin grown at the Barrie landfill is at 346 pounds set in 2015. Roberts says the gourd will now be submitted to the Compost Council to hopefully be submitted for competition.