Latest season of “The Boys” could bring us their grossest scene yet

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If you ask the writers of the hit show “The Boys” how much gorier they can get, they say, “hold my beer.”

It’s hard to imagine topping scenes like Herogasm, a fight involving sex toys, and ‘the sneeze,’ but I digress.

The Rater R superhero show is currently filming season 4 in Hamilton.

VFX supervisor and associate producer, Stephan Fleet, took to Twitter, telling fans “I think I just saw the most disgusting thing I have seen working in this business thus far.”

If you read the comic books he shows based on, you can start thinking of a few ways they can shock people.

“The Boys” hit the air in 2019 and depicts a world where being a superhero is big business.

They are revered as celebrities, politicians, and even gods. Most are evil and don’t care about leaving collateral damage everywhere they go.

And the best of the worst is Homelander.

No word on when season 4 starts streaming, but my curiosity peaked.


feature image from the boys prime video via youtube