The clock is ticking on Bill C-10 study as Liberals, Bloc vote to push it forward

The heritage committee will have just five more hours to study the contentious bill

The controversy surrounding Bill C-10 took another turn Monday as the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois voted to put a time limit on the heritage committee’s study of the bill.

It means the committee will have just five more hours to study the contentious bill before it is sent back to the House of Commons for debate.

The Conservative opposition feel the legislation infringes upon social media free speech and could place what Canadians post to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify under the rule of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Rachael Harder, Conservative Shadow Minister for Digital Government, says the Trudeau Liberals withdrew the section of their own bill that protects individual users’ content, “making Canadians subject to broad and vague government powers.”

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The federal Liberals attempted to shut down committee study on its controversial Bill C-10 Friday.

Bill C-10 was proposed to level the playing field for Canadian broadcast companies dealing with increased competition from platforms like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon.

The Liberals say the intent is to have those social media-based online companies face the same standards as Canadian broadcast companies.