The Golden Globes sees a massive drop in viewership

Are award shows becoming a bit to antiquated?

Compounding the problems already facing the Golden Globes in recent years, it seems the switch to a virtual format pushed ratings to their lowest point in history.

While early numbers from Neilson always go up slightly, the event average of 5.4 million viewers is on track to be the lowest numbers the Globes has ever seen, even lower than their debut back in 1944.

Ratings for all award shows have been seeing a steady decline in recent years with other shows like the Emmys receiving their lowest ratings ever for two straight years now. Many people attribute this to the lack of diversity many award shows have and the criticism of poor representation associated with them. Combine this with the fact that the Globes didn’t have an NFL playoff game to lead into it or the switch to a rather hobbled virtual format this year, the writing was on the wall.

The Oscars are the next big award show but they aren’t for nearly two months (April 25th), so let’s hope they can figure how to inject some life into the ceremony and keep their ratings from suffering the same fate.

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