The Spirit of Black History Month continues

Take in a 'Community Conversation' at the Barrie Public Library

The journey continues Monday for local entrepreneur Michele Newton.

Following a successful Black History Month exhibit at the Barrie Public Library, Newton follows up with a ‘Community Conversation’ where she relinquishes her ‘interviewer’ status and becomes the interviewee.

“And just share a little but about what I and the different women I spoke to felt about inclusion diversity. And a little discussion about, you know, how can you mo forward to be more inclusive and what are we looking for in the world around us to just feel that sense of belonging and togetherness.”

Newton doesn’t think the celebration of diversity should be contained to just one month of the year noting it’s not just embracing the past, but celebrating people in the present.

“Just about how is it being Black in Canada, who were [the] role models growing up – and now – and a little bit of advice looking to the future.”

Newton’s ‘Community Conversation’ is Monday March 25, 7:30-8:30 pm, at the Barrie Public Library, Downtown Branch. It s free and open to all.

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