There’s a new Goosebumps TV show on the way

Viewer're in for a scare

While little is known about the upcoming adaptation of Goosebumps, R.L Stine, the original author of the series, has recently tweeted an update stating that they have found a producer and signed a director to the project.

Spanning 62 books, Goosebumps has already seen several adaptations but the most well know was the family-friendly TV version that aired for three years in the mid to late ’90s. They were corny, badly acted, and wonderful. Even if you’ve never seen them, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t recognize the iconic theme song.

Still very early in pre-production, it will be a while before we get to see this new series. There is no word yet on which streaming platform or network is attached to the project, but seeing as Netflix currently owns the streaming rights to the ’90s TV version, they would be a safe bet for the new adaptation.

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