Tiny Township asks daytrippers to avoid beaches to address overcrowding

All paid and metered parking has been eliminated

Tiny Township has been keeping an eye on its beaches since they were opened for limited recreational use early in June.

The use has not been limited.

Township officials say there’s been an influx of beachgoers, little in the way of physical distancing, illegal parking, a strain on washrooms, and overflowing garbage bins.

As a result, new township-wide parking restrictions have been put in place in hopes of limiting the number of people who can access public beaches. All paid and metered parking has been eliminated. Only those with a resident or non-resident pass can park. Non-compliance will be strictly enforced.

The township says it regrets the need to restrict day use of its public beaches but adds it is imperative at this time to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the ongoing safety of the public.

banner image via tiny.ca