Tories take hit in aftermath of Greenbelt report

The first poll taken since the auditor-general released her report on the Greenbelt finds 59 per cent of respondents think the premier’s decisions are based on the best interest of his friends and supporters.

That’s up from 54 per cent in an Abacus poll a month ago. It’s not a big increase, but the fact it went up at all, Abacus Data CEO David Coletto told the Toronto Star, could be problematic for the Conservatives.

Asked if the report made them feel better, worse or had no impact on how they view the Ford government, 51 per cent said it made them feel worse, 13 per cent said they felt better, 37 per cent said it had no impact on their view.

In addition, Abacus found the Tories have slipped to 38 per cent support from 41 per cent in July. The Liberals and New Democrats are each up one per cent, to 25 per cent and 24 per cent, respectively. The Greens are unchanged at seven per cent.

banner image: file photo