Tornado damage? Preparing to talk with your insurance rep

"Document the damage, take photos... those can be helpful."

And now, to start getting your life back in order.

Whether you lost a lot, or a little, in Thursday’s tornado you’ll need to call your insurance company.

Damage caused by tornadoes, including wind and rain, are usually covered by your policy, says Vanessa Barrassa, Media Relations Manager with the Insurance Bureau of Canada

She says when it is safe to do so, you should start addressing the damage, “document the damage, take photos… those can be helpful. Call your insurance rep, you know, how do you start the claim, they’ll help you through that process. And if you can take some notes, as detailed as possible, if you have receipts and that sort of thing.”

Barrassa is aware you might have lost some things, or you don’t know where to find everything, that’s where your insurance rep comes in. They are there to help, she says.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has a Consumer Information Centre, you can call – 1-844-227-5422 – to ask about your policies and to understand the process.

feature image: Barrie’s Drone Pilot