Toss That Salad: Recall Issued for Eat Smart Kale Salad

Listeria Concerns Prompts Recall

Concerns over Listeria has prompted a recall notice some Eat Smart-brand kale salad bags.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issuing the recall over possible listeria contamination, saying the 794-gram bags with a best before date of July 17 are affected by this recall.

The affected product is sold throughout Ontario, as well as New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI, and Quebec.

Officials say you should contact your doctor or medical practicioner should you feel you’ve become sick from this product. If you’ve got Eat Smart kale salad bags in your fridge at home, it is suggested you throw it out or take it back to the store at which it was purchased.

The agency adds this recall came about through a food safety inspection and that other recalls could be issued.