Town of Innisfil passes “historic” budget with a zero percent property tax increase in 2021

Town to phase out five volunteer firefighter positions and halt pay raises for non-union employees

The Town of Innisfil has given the nod to a 2021 budget with a zero percent property tax increase, calling it historic.

Innisfil Town Council approved two years’ worth of budgets on Wednesday evening; next year’s budget comes with a zero percent increase to residents, while the 2022 budget will see property tax costs rise by one percent.

In order to achieve these low tax rates, the two-year budget will see the reduction of the town’s the volunteer firefighter budget, resulting in the phasing-out of five existing positions. The town is also freezing salary step increases for non-union employees throughout 2021.

“Since the pandemic first hit our community, we’ve taken significant measures to protect our residents and keep costs low,” said Mayor Lynn Dollin. “Throughout the budget process, our mission was to lessen the tax burden on our residents while supporting the needs of our growing community. I’m proud of this Council for delivering a historic budget while balancing priorities heard from residents with the financial impacts of an evolving health crisis.”

Funds coming via the budget are used to cover infrastructure construction and maintenance, as well as the library, fire, and police services.