Traffic calming pilot project underway in Innisfil

Measures are being tested in three locations

News release from the Town of Innisfil

The Town of Innisfil is currently piloting several traffic calming measures in select areas where existing data and reports show high speeds—despite the posted speed limit.

Measures are being tested in three locations: Shore Acres Drive (on-road pavement markings with the speed limit sign wording of 50 km/h), Belle Aire Beach Road (chicanes with a barrier curb and barrels), and Maple Road (flexible bollards, speed cushions and a raised pedestrian crossing).

The locations were selected based on several criteria including speed data, collision history, a GIS-based analysis, and road use and type. The types of traffic calming measures were chosen based on proven effectiveness, cost, and suitability for the location.

“We know that traffic calming and road safety is incredibly important to our residents,” says Mayor Lynn Dollin. “We’re undertaking these pilot projects to test different measures in Innisfil, evaluate their effectiveness and limitations, and increase residents’ familiarity with these devices. We’re looking forward to reviewing feedback from residents and the results of the project to see what works best and where.”

The pilot project will run until mid-to-late October as staff gather data to see the impact of these traffic calming measures. The information gathered will help inform the Town’s Traffic Calming Strategy, which includes:

  • A hotspot analysis to determine key locations for traffic calming measures
  • A review of traffic calming best practices and emerging technologies
  • A design guide for traffic calming
  • Recommendations for policy updates and development
  • A ten-year traffic calming program

Innisfil residents will have an opportunity to provide feedback about these traffic calming measures this fall.

Images provided by the Town of Innisfil