Full length trailer for the ‘Barbie’ movie has fans on their toes

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The full-length trailer for the upcoming “Barbie Movie” gives us a better idea of the much-hyped film.

The film stars Margot Robbie as Barbie, and Ryan Gosling as Ken. They live happily and carefree in Barbie land while going to the beach, having parties every night, and gliding graciously from the rooftop.

Soon Barbie realizes something isn’t right. Her feet go flat, her showers get cold, she falls off the roof, and she admits she thinks about dying to her friends.

Soon, she and Ken venture into the real world and meet with cranky teens, lifelong fans, and Mattel executives.

The famous picture of the pair rollerblading in the best outfits ever now has more context, as the trailer shows them gliding around the beach in the real world as people give them weird looks.

It hits theatres July 21, 2023

Check out the trailer below.

feature image via WB youtube