Trick or Treat? City awaiting guidance from health unit

Remembrance Day and Santa Claus Parades in doubt

The candy and costumes are in stores, but will kids be collecting candy door-to-door in those costumes this Hallowe’en?

Los Angeles County this week said it was banning the annual ritual due to the pandemic, then backtracked, and will offer guidelines to parents.

Premier Ford has said he’s nervous about it but adds a lot can happen in the month-and-a-half until Hallowe’en

Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman says the city will follow the health unit’s lead on this, “If there is some kind of messaging or even, potentially, restrictions that need to be renewed or put out, we will do that. It is our responsibility as community leaders to get the message out about what you need to do safely, and if safely means don’t trick or treat, stay at home have a party with family, then that would be the guidance.”

Lehman has a hunch a lot of parents will opt on their own to forego trick or treating this year and find other ways to help their kids celebrate.

The mayor said there have also been meetings about Remembrance Day and Santa Claus Parades this year. “We know they’re probably not going to happen anywhere at all, but maybe there’s a virtual version of those events.”

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