Trio Facing Weapons Charges Instead of Speeding Ticket in Bradford

Two Men Accused of Holding Onto 357 Magnum

What started with a simple speeding ticket ended with criminal charges against three people.

South Simcoe Police pulled a car over on Canal Rd. near Bradford just after lunchtime Thursday after the radar gun said it was speeding. In speaking with the driver, the officer claims they could smell pot from inside the vehicle. The driver ended up getting a 3-day warning instead of an impaired driving charge, but while the vehicle was being impounded, police say a search turned up a loaded .357-magnum.

The weapon discovery led police to a home in Maple on Thursday afternoon, and with the help of York Regional Police, officers tried to search the home. A woman at the house is accused of trying to interfere in that search.

A 19-year-old man from Maple, along with a 41-year-old from Brampton have since been charged with a few weapons-related offenses, along with Possession of Stolen Property, while a 39-year-old Maple woman will be in court to answer to charges of Obstructing Police and Weapons Possession.