Trip To Honey Harbour Nearly Proves Deadly For Penetanguishene Man

"You are playing with your own life and the life of first responders"

As cold as it’s been for the last couple of days ice on lakes and bays may not be thick enough for winter activities.

“Remember ‘no ice is safe ice’ and riding on the ice is not a game. You are playing with your own life and the life of first responders who may have to go and perform a rescue. In an emergency, seconds count and depending on your location on the ice first responders may not be able to locate you in time. Stay safe and stay off the ice.
– Paul Ryan Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief, C.E.M.C. Penetanguishene/Midland

A 34-year-old Penetanguishene man tried to cross Midland Bay to Honey Harbour Wednesday afternoon.

He didn’t make it.

He and his machine fell through the ice.

“Cold water removes heat from your body 25 times faster than air of the same temperature. Loss of body heat causes hypothermia and can within minutes rob you of the ability to use your muscles to save yourself. Eliminate your risk of cold water submersion when snowmobiling.”
– Andrew Robert Director and Chief County of Simcoe Paramedic Services

The man was wearing a floatation suit but he was still cold and delirious when he managed to get to back to land…and thankful someone was home at the first house he came to.

He was treated by Simcoe County paramedics and the medical team at Georgian Bay General Hospital.