Trudeau campaign rally scrapped over security concerns

Protestors shouted obscenities at Trudeau over pandemic policies

A Liberal campaign rally in Bolton on Friday evening was scrapped because of security concerns when angry protestors descended on the event.

Supporters of Justin Trudeau had gathered to hear the Liberal leader speak when dozens of demonstrators gathered nearby and shouted obscenities. Others raised middle fingers and made references to the Nazis over megaphones.

At Friday’s rally, the Liberal leader’s campaign bus had to be escorted away by police after the event was cancelled following a two-hour delay.

He said the protests showed how the pandemic had been hard on everyone.

“We all had a difficult year. Those folks out protesting, they had a difficult year too, and I know and I hear the anger, the frustration, perhaps the fear,” Trudeau later said at a campaign event in Brampton.

He said the event had been cancelled because the safety of volunteers and others could not be guaranteed.

Trudeau acknowledged he had never seen such anger and intensity on the campaign trail.

While supporting peaceful protests, both Conservative leader Erin O’Toole and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh condemned the harassment Liberal supporters endured.

Protesters who oppose masks, vaccines and lockdown measures to fight COVID-19 have dogged Trudeau on the campaign trail, but he has usually politely waved back and often yelled through his mask, “get vaccinated.”