TV ads denounce carbon tax; poll denounces tax dollars used to produce them

Majority say provinces should not opt out of federal plan

Coins pour out of a gas pump hose and a heating vent and from food shelves.

It’s the Ontario government’s TV commercial protesting the federal carbon tax, suggesting it will cost the average taxpayer $648 a year by the year 2022.

“The federal government is charging you a carbon tax. You’re paying a nickel more per litre.”

The ad goes on to say the province has a better plan.

It does not mention the federal rebate the Trudeau government says will more than cover the added cost of the tax for most Ontarians.

The government has also not disclosed how much the ad campaign is costing.

For many, it appears to be a waste of tax money. A Nanos poll, done for the Globe and Mail, found most (64%) Canadians are opposed to spending provincial tax dollars to fight the carbon tax. In fact, most (64%) felt it is wrong for provincial governments to opt out of the plan.

banner image from TV ad opposing federal carbon tax