Two Familiar Faces Taking on Deputy Duties at Barrie City Hall

Barry Ward, Doug Shipley To Split Deputy Mayor Duties Over Four Year Term

There’s a new deputy in town… make that two.

This term of council marks the first that the City of Barrie will appoint a Deputy Mayor. For the first two years of the four-year term, Barry Ward will serve as the city’s mayoral right-hand-man, while Doug Shipley will round out the second half of the term.

Shipley,left, and Ward, right, were appointed Deputy Mayor Monday evening

While appointing a Deputy Mayor is a new move for the city, the role itself has been around for a while; the title of Acting Mayor was used in years previous, while the duties rotated through councillors in a pre-established monthly schedule. The role and duties that come with it have grown and grown since first being introduced, while the previous term of council voted to adopt a more permanent position.

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The Mayor chooses the two deputies, and council votes on them. In this case Mayor Jeff Lehman chose Ward and Shipley based on their experience and knowledge of city issues. The pair were among the four councillors back for another term this year, along with Mike McCann and Sergio Morales.

The Deputy Mayor job comes with an additional $5,000 on top of the usual councillor’s compensation, along with an additional $100 vehicle allowance.