UHN employees put on notice: No jab, no job

The University Health Network has given employees until end of October to be fully vaccinated

Workers employed by the University Health Network (UHN) – whose hospitals include Toronto Western, Princess Margaret and Toronto General – have been put on notice. Their employment will be terminated if they do not get fully vaccinated by the end of October, according to a statement from UHN.

In the statement, UHN said it has connected with more than 900 staff who have either not provided their vaccination status or have indicated they are not vaccinated.

“We indicated that they should have their first shot by September 8, which allows for a second shot by October 8,” the statement reads.

“We will work with anyone in the group to answer questions, give additional information about the vaccine and we very much hope that, as people working in health care who are committed to their patients and colleagues, that they will comply with the policy.”

After Oct. 8, anyone who is still not vaccinated will be placed on unpaid leave for two weeks, officials said.

“If it is still their decision at the end of two weeks is that they will not be vaccinated after that date, their employment at UHN will end.”

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health has already released new guidelines for vaccinations in the education and healthcare sector.

Beginning Sept. 7, all employees, staff, students, contractors, volunteers and ambulance services at hospitals and in-home and community care services will be required to show proof of vaccination or a medical reason for not being vaccinated.

Workers that do not provide proof they are double-dosed will have to take regular COVID-19 tests, and they will also be required to complete an educational session.