UK Bookstore goes viral for interesting placement of Prince Harry’s book “Spare”

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A bookstore in the UK got cheeky and downright dark after displaying Prince Harrys’ Biography “Spare” next to a book called “How to kill your family.” by Bella Mackie.

Harry’s biography officially hit store shelves yesterday, so it’s not surprising that bookstores have it front and centre of their shops for customers to grab.

The shop called Berts Books is located in Swindon, England.
In an interview with Newsweek, the owner said the placement was on purpose.

“How to Kill Your Family” book was in our window anyway because it was our best-selling book of 2022. When we were putting “Spare” out this morning, we thought, ‘oh, let’s put them together; it will be funny.’ “

Many would agree, and the post went viral on social media shortly after it was posted, with people thinking it was brilliant.

This Twitter user added to the fun.

feature image from berts books via twitter