UK Researchers Recommend Exercise Labels On Food Packages

Study finds people would indulge less if they knew how much exercise was required to burn off calories

Researchers in the UK believe people would be less likely to dive into that extra piece of pie or slice of pizza if they knew how much exercise would be required to burn off those calories.

They are recommending food packages should list how much exercise a person would need to burn off the calories contained in the product. The goal is to encourage healthier eating habits to combat obesity.

According to several studies, researchers say this type of labelling could cut about 200 calories from a person’s daily average intake.

They say people would be less likely to indulge if they knew it would take four hours to walk off the calories of a pizza or 22 minutes to run off a chocolate bar, or 48 minutes to walk off a blueberry muffin.

Some experts are concerned labelling of food packages might exacerbate symptoms for those people suffering from eating disorders.