Upcoming Theatre By The Bay Season Shines The Spotlight On Local Talent

Cenotaph Project, Caribou Cave Both Locally Written and Performed

Iain Moggach has fallen in love with Barrie it seems, filling his theatre company with nothing but homegrown talent.

Moggach was on hand as Theatre By The Bay revealed its 18th season, with the Cenotaph Project taking centre stage. Written by local playwright Danielle Joy Kostrich, the play centres on students as they delve into the stories behind the names on Barrie’s downtown cenotaph. The play was developed with help from Eastview Secondary School.

Cenotaph Project, Written By
Danielle Joy Kostrich

Caribou Cave, another locally-written and produced piece, promises to be presented in English and in French and is aimed towards the wee ones. Both run July 17th to the 28th.

Caribou Cave, created and developed by Alex Dault and Chloe Payne

“It’s such a fantastic community here, and there are so many incredible artists.” says Moggach “it’s a great community to make art in, and I just want to see that community grow and grow.”

There is a lot that would draw an artist to this community.” he adds “there’s a lot of room for growth… I mean, just five years ago, I had never been to Barrie before, and now I’m announcing my first season. It’s a great place of opportunity and I can’t wait to see who else emerges from an environment like this.”

As always, the popular Stars Come Out variety show will help kick off the Theatre By the Bay season on May 13th, while tickets are already on sale.

Photos courtesy: Laura Joy Photography