UPDATE: Two Have Come Forward Against Ticketmaster Over Rolling Stones’ Tickets

Pair of instances where price at 'checkout' was higher than expected

Get your Burl’s Creek Rolling Stones tickets yet?

Did you doublecheck the final price before you checked out?

The latest story comes from Mike Barrington, who says he purchased two tickets and parking for the event, only to discover he was charged $80 more per ticket as well $50 for parking.

excerpt with Mike Barrington

While Barrington was refunded for the ticket charge the parking one he continues to seek back.

Edward Mair of Midland punched in for four tickets at $119.50 each but by the time he got to the checkout they were priced at $179.50.

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He notes there was no warning about the increase at all. In the past, he says when the tickets he wanted were no longer available and he was bumped up notice was given.

He went through the process again, but this time filmed it on his phone.

The same thing happened.

He went through with the purchase anyway then contacted Ticketmaster.

excerpt of Edward Mair with the Rock 95 Morning Crew

After some back and forth with them he says Ticketmaster finally honoured the $119.50 price point.